Kaspersky developed its own operating system

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The Russian security specialist software is currently developing an operating system to industrial plants fend off hackers.

So far, the Russian company joined Kaspersky Labs primarily as a provider of anti-virus solutions for end users in appearance. Now, the manufacturer will bring its experience in its own operating system.This is not a competitive product on Windows, Linux or Mac OS, but a system software for industrial plantsToday’s operating systems are, according to Kaspersky not effective against attacks by malware such as Stuxnet , Duqu or Flame protect. The highly specialized in-house development of Kaspersky could in this area compared to established systems, but provide enhanced protection.
When the operating system is to be published by Kaspersky is not fixed yet. The large protective effect will enable the system software of the company through a focus on specific tasks. The typical end-user handles are therefore not feasible. Also fundamental is the protection of prevention activities in the background. Kaspersky is working on such a system, the project also.

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