Kaspersky: 40 percent of IT employees are concerned with security

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Kaspersky Lab has a worldwide survey carried out (PDF) for IT teams in enterprises. Least affected by reduced staffing levels accordingly, those IT professionals who are involved with the subject security, so their share of the total IT staff has increased from 36 percent in 2011 to 40 percent now.

Large teams with 250 or more employees are therefore rare. A year ago, had nearly a quarter (24 percent) of large to medium-sized businesses. Such a team strength, now there are only 15 percent Has risen above all the distribution of teams with 10 to 49 employees – in the shares of larger teams can be read, however, that this has come through reductions concluded.

The main concern of companies is according to the study, to prevent security breaches (31 percent), followed by closely related policy (27 percent). In third place we find relatively full utilization of IT, so the purchase is worthwhile. The last place of the top 15 picks surprisingly a subject for Mobile Device Management with 13 percent, the Kaspersky in its accompanying press release called the problem where the IT does not come over today.

Calm after all: the number of companies who feel prepared for possible threats has increased in each category: terrorism (up 31 to 36 percent) over economic uncertainties (from 39 to 42 percent) and industrial espionage (from 45 to 49 percent)) to cyber-threats (58 to 59 percent.This can be read but also negatively with Kaspersky: Less than two third feel equipped to deal with cyber threats.

The survey was commissioned by B2B International Kaspersky Lab has performed in July 2012.There more than 3300 IT decision makers were interviewed in 22 countries – including 199 German. The company informed the market researchers here in three classes – 10 to 99 jobs, with about 100 to 999 jobs and more than 1,000 jobs.

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