‘Just business?’ Samsung puts a pike in Silicon Valley

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That Samsung is getting dangerously close to the giants of the technology industry (namely Apple and Google ) and is something that escapes no one, least alluded to. With respect to the block, Koreans are increasingly presenting products market appeal and quality that have nothing to envy to those produced with care by the hosts of Tim Cook . Regarding to Google, it seems that the signing of Sergey Brin and Larry Page and see no joy so that the specific gravity of Seoul are acquiring in the ecosystem Android . 



In fact, if someone asked for a smartphone first-line green robot platform, it is easy to opt for the Korean brand name. But Samsung does not want simply to be a tough competitor based in South Korea, but wants to open a gap between large and global competitor. Proof of this is the home that have been projected in the golden Silicon Valley .
Thus, both Apple (which is already building its new ‘city’ direct legacy of the lateSteve Jobs ), and Google, with his famous Googleplex , have megasedes paths that are a toast to the latest in technology and energy efficiency. And Samsung is not to be outdone.


The Koreans have announced the construction of a ‘campus’ that will delight the most technophiles and they cost about $ 300 million, as announced by the middle LA Times . These two towers ten stories each, with all kinds of technological and maximizing the bar as far as energy efficiency is concerned. 
The building, as happens in the city of Google, has all kinds of elements for the leisure of his workers : basketball courts, landscaped areas for rides, restaurant and everything that one may need to not have to be looking forward at home.Productivity, masked by a veil of good atmosphere, is what we all seek Valley giants.
The headquarters will house nearly 2,500 employees from the Korean company and is made ​​of steel and large windows that allow the entry of natural light and also insulate the building from the elements outside. Experts have not hesitated to consider this colossal work as a step in the strategy of encirclement that Koreans are taking place in all areas with Apple . 
Do not forget that, in addition to competing in the market with leading products, Apple and Samsung keep a close pulse on the courts, and now raise their harassment Asians being located very close to the Cupertino headquarters. Why this place? “It is an area of transgressive forces,” says Young Sohn , chief strategist of the Korean company, “and do not want to miss it.”

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