Judge lets Apple and Samsung devices to include new patent lawsuits

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 A U.S. judge Samsung Electronics has allowed to include in its patent lawsuit against Apple for the iPhone 5 , while it has also allowed Apple to include the Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III and Jelly Bean OS in the lawsuit for alleged patent violation.

   The U.S. federal judge’s ruling Paul Grewal in San Jose (California) is the latest development in an ongoing legal war against Apple manufacturers like Samsung, whose products use Google’s Android software. Representatives from Apple and Samsung have declined to comment.

   The case is one of two patent infringement lawsuits pending in the District Court of San Jose Apple against Samsung. In an earlier lawsuit in the same court last August, the jury ruled the payment of 1,050 million dollars (823 million euros) by Samsung to Apple.

Apple filed the second lawsuit in February , alleging that several ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’ Samsung, including the Galaxy Nexus, violated eight of its patents. Samsung denied the infringement and filed a counterclaim alleging that the demand iPhone Apple and iPad violate eight of its patents.

   Judge Lucy Koh issued a preliminary injunction against sales of the Nexus pre-trial last June. But the U.S. Court of Appealsfor the Federal Circuit reversed the ban on the sale on 11 October.

Following the debut of the iPhone 5 on 21 September,Samsung seeks to include it as an Apple product that infringes its patents . A pple moved also add the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy S III and operating system Android Jelly Bean relationship with the Galaxy Nexus.

   In its ruling Thursday the judge Grewal has said that Samsung has acted with “reasonable diligence” to ask the court to enable it to add the iPhone 5 in demand.

Apple has not objected to the inclusion of the iPhone 5 .However, Grewal Apple has warned that “think twice before opposing similar modifications that reflect other newly released products, such as the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini that Samsung may propose in the near future.

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