Jelly Bean Will Not Support Flash: Adobe

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Adobe has discontinued the development of Flash Player for mobile browsers to mobile phones and tablets. This week, the company reaffirmed its decision and published on his blog that Android 4.1, known Jelly Bean, will not support Flash. What explains the focus during the I / O in HTML5.

“We are focusing our efforts with Flash navigation on desktop,” said Adobe. “There is no certified implementations of the Flash Player to Android 4.1”, “added the company, without making many rodeos.

“To ensure that Flash Player provides the best user experience, our partnership program requires a certification that includes several tests to ensure that Web content will work as expected.”

Normally, Flash Player is preinstalled on mobile devices manufacturers Adobe partners. When not happen that way, a system upgrade solves. Another option is to download the Flash application in Google Play, but none of the three will be available to the Jelly Bean.

From August 15, the adobe will use the configuration settings in Google Play to limit access continuous updates of Flash Player only for devices that already have the software installed. Devices that do not have Flash Player installed are mostly incompatible with the plugin.

“If a device is updated to Android 4.1, the current version of Flash Player can exhibit unpredictable behavior, since the plugin is not certified for use in Jelly Bean,” he added.

To ensure access to the Flash Player on Android 4.0 devices just use certificates or ensure that the plugin has already been pre-installed by the manufacturer, or download it on Google Play before August 15, as the company warned.

The Adobe Flash Player is a software to view multimedia files and streaming audio and video in a browser or mobile devices.

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