Jelly Bean is considered the safest Android

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The Jelly Bean is the first version of Android to implement ASLR protection, which creates random locations in memory for the library system and other structures

Improved security will have the new operating system Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean difficult hackers and crackers.

ASLR (Address Space layout Radomisation)  technology embodied in the new Android randomly selects the memory device and prevents hackers from making malicious attacks. The ASLR, when combined with data execution prevention, can protect users from attacks that exploit bugs that corrupt the memory device.It creates random locations in memory for the library system and other structures.

Although the previous version of Android this technology has not had the similar effect, now has improved significantly and new opportunities.

Beyond the technology is built into the Google phone should make further steps to improve security in the system.

Specifically, analysts suggest Google to change the way cheirizeta applications.

Google must check each application submitted to Google Play to ensure it does not contain viruses or other malicious software.

A similar method is used for the Apple App Store with excellent results.

This method will allow Google to track applications that hide malicious software and removes them from the Google Play.

Despite improvements made in the Android version Jelly Bean most mobile at the moment will remain unprotected and will not be upgraded to the new version.

Despite the fact that Google has promised the availability of Android 4.1 in July but will take some time to circulate widely in the OS market.

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