Japan, who has seen and who sees you

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Almost a decade ago we traveled to Japan to see the future of mobile. Maybe this battle and been told elsewhere (start to have hobbies grandfather) but back then it was in that country where he was rehearsing with new phones, like the ability to watch TV on the tiny phone screen , telephone, pay the meter or download email.


From that “future” are only a few strokes. Yes, finally arriving at the mobile network also video conference, but both completely differently to what operators, which were sent in the country (still in charge, but less), expected.

Today America has stolen Asia’s dominant position. The future is made ​​in Korea and China but designed in California , specifically between Mountain View and Cupertino. For Japan the loss of importance is obvious. According to the consultancy Counterpoint Market Research in the last quarter of 2012 the foreign handset manufacturers took over 50% of the marketUnthinkable only a few years ago.

Sharp, national brand par excellence, has lost the top spot, ahead of the iPhone. Android is now the country’s best selling platform but extends primarily by Korean brands like Samsung and LG, not local.

The market remains hostile to foreign brands, they need to reach sane very hard with operators NTT DoCoMo and Softbank for distribution – eg Blackberry, has now decided not to try for deployment in the country of their new phones – but is no longer impenetrable.

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