Japan captured the first images of a giant squid in the sea

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The Japanese chain NHK and the American Discovery Channel have been recorded for the first time in the deep sea to the giant squid, one of the most mysterious animals in the world, according to Japanese public broadcaster. A team of two televisions, with the collaboration of members of the Japanese National Museum of Science and Nature, the animal filmed about 15 kilometers east of the Japanese island of Chichijima , about 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.

Team members used a submersible images captured last summer at a depth of 630 meters thanks to a high-definition camera. The animal was captured about 3 meters long, although its two tentacles lackedmore prominent, it is believed that originally could measure 8 or 9 meters.

In the video, which will be displayed at first in Japan on January 13 and later in the U.S. on January 27, the specimen was fed a bait placed by the team, made up another squid smaller than a meter long. At that time, the images capture closely the huge animal’s eyes and their suckers, about 5 inches wide, according to NHK unveiled.

Hidden in the deep sea

It is believed that the video may help show behaviors of this legendary animal, which until now was only available footage of fish caught.

With three hearts, a vision hundred times more powerful than that of humans and highly developed brain , this mythical giant has so far remained hidden in the deep sea.

It is believed that this is the world’s largest invertebrate, and that can reach a few thousand kilograms and around about 20 meters long .

Giant squid live at depths apparently between 400 and 1,500 meters below the sea surface, where the pressure is very high and sunlight virtually nonexistent.

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