iWatch – the Apple smart watch?

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It has been a long time since we heard rumors about a possible clock that could launch the Cupertino company , or rather, a possible iWatch , the truth is that these speculations were gone until this past weekend.


It happens that a journalist from New York Times revived these speculations , mostly considering the appearance of the Pebble, so the arrival of a smart iWatch from Apple would be a very strategic move by the company, especially if you are responsible to provide communication between the clock and the various Apple iDevices.

But not only that, but also a New York Times editor, Nick Bilton, said that at Apple headquarters there is a small device that has a design very similar to a watch , it has curved screen and could run iOS.

Also, you might think that this is an idea that could be very successful , and it would be a small device with which we could synchronize applications of iOS such as reminders, notes or our calendar, while we would have the possibility of receive notifications of messages and other information of interest for example.

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