iWatch Glass vs. Google: hands-free mobile

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Do not get the first, but is very likely to end up leading the way. Google and Apple working on two devices that promise to revolutionize the way you interact with your phone, a sort of extension of their devices allowing access to much of the features of the “smartphone” without removing even the pocket.

Google Glass

Google Glass

In this sense, the Mountain View seem to get the palm. Glass Project represents the dream of every tech addict: glasses, incorporating a camera and a small translucent screen on the right lens, able to recognize our voice commands, our position and use augmented reality in its favor.

The project has been two years in development and the kit for developers squeeze the possibilities of the device is now available for $ 1,500 (just over 1,140 euros). Google hopes to bring the device to the ultimate consumer sometime next year at a price slightly cheaper. Even with all the technology has not hesitated to put teeth long and has already released several videos showing the possibilities of the device, some of them almost science fiction. Namely, access emails, take pictures, record video and share, video conferencing, buy some tickets, use Google Maps or learn about the latest developments in terms of traffic. And are just some of the possibilities.

Aware that the success is not assured, the Google co-founder Sergey Brin , who has already been seen wandering around Manhattan with spectacles , emphasizes that the new device offers a new type of “freedom” to users and are away the tyranny of looking constantly mobile. “It is comparable to smoking. I had a nervous tic. But with Google Glass, I enjoyed exploring over the world, “Brin said recently.achieved If only half of what is proposed can be spectacular.

For its part, Apple has not stood idly by. Many say that the rumored iWatch , which according to “Bloomberg” come to market this year, is the response of the Cupertino to Google. A while now, the news about this watch are merely clever succession. The latest reports are saying that the company would have gone to more than a hundred people to develop the device, in use with an iPhone or an iPad, could play more of the functions of both.

So, would serve as notification center, with ability to display emails and would be able to make calls, check map coordinates and take an integrated pedometer and heart rate monitor, suited for those who do ‘jogging’. The Cupertino company has about 80 patents in the name of the wrist. One of the most curious, and there might be the shooting, is referring to the flexible screen and a battery that is charged by kinetic energy.

There is, however, the only watch of this type . For months is on sale Smartwach Sony. This is a watch with OS Android that connects via Bluetooth to Xperia . With its touch screen, the user can view the calls, read messages and e-mails and control Twitter, Facebook and agenda. All for about 150 euros.

A similar proposal for the Italian company “I’m with her ​​I’m ‘Watch, a device with a finish very similar to the iPhone-up web page looks like Apple, which allows access to a large number of phone features iOS and Android. You can buy from 349 euros and is available in several models.

Still yet, there are some doubts about the success of this type of gadgets.Beyond the price, perhaps the main question is whether users will enter the dynamic loading of a watch battery. There are even fewer examples.Nokia patented technology a few months ago for tattooing. It is assumed that these magnetic ink tattoos, the user will vibrate the skin every time you receive a call or a message on his phone.

The latest rumor has taken with respect to force internet and Samsung Galaxy S IV future . A source who has already tested the mobile ensures that you can control with your eyes. Apparently, when users are reading something, the phone will recognize that we have reached the end of the text and automatically displays the following paragraphs. So, it is not difficult to imagine a future in which we are less mobile but we hung more addicted to their functions.

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