iTunes launches new design and integration “absolute” with iCloud

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Apple today announced the new iTunes for Mac and PC , with a completely redesigned player and integration with iCloud as major developments. The company has also undertaken a remodeling of the music store, apps, TV shows and most popular films of the Network

   The new iTunes comes in October with an interface that Apple has defined as “much more clean and simple” , which will display the contents of each user’s favorite iTunes foreground. iTunes will featureintegration with iCloud , which will allow users to take their music, movies and any place, accessible from any device.

   The system also make it easy to store and query content, also has functions such as remembering the exact reproduction of the contents , useful in multi-device systems.

Apple also announced new iTunes Store , App Store and iBookstore, which have been redesigned to purchase content from the iPhone , iPadiPod touch , Mac or PC easier. The company wants to continue to encourage users to purchase content.

   “We created iTunes because we are true lovers of music, so we’re back to our roots with an incredibly clean design that shows the music in the front row.’s new iTunes, which means with iCloud to perfection, you put all your library at hand, and incorporated new features that you will enjoy even more music, “said,” said the senior vice president of Internet Services and Software Apple Eddy Cue .

   The new iTunes features a full window interface for Mac or PC and includes a new library view, which promises to facilitate the search for content with one click.

Apple has promised that control music is also much easier thanks to a reinvented MiniPlayer , which includes a small toolbar with which you can change songs or find something new to listen to. Finally, Next Up is a fun way to see what is to come and sort the queue of songs or albums you want to hear.

   The new iTunes can be downloaded for free from October on page

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