It is possible to install pirated apps on iPhone without Jailbreak

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Despite attempts by Apple to stop piracy of applications for iPhone and iPad always cracks you can sneak these services. A few days ago iOS hackers suffered a blow after news of the closure of Installous, the popular tool for terminals with Jailbreak which could install paid apps without disbursing official nor a euro. The reason that was not created on Jailbreak applications was to crack, but in practice most use it for that. While some saw the closure as the end of Installous Jailbreak, developers building these applications were excited about the news. But e l Installous closure has not stopped the popularity of other methods to pirate apps, in fact there have been some that make it even easier.

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Until now, to get paid apps for free jailbreak was essential to have applied on the iPhone or iPad. In recent weeks there have been two new services that allow the same process without the need to apply the jailbreak . Zeusmos and Kuaiyong are the names of these two tools, but not the same. For one Zeusmos offers two possibilities, be installed in a terminal with Jailbreak so free or pay a fee to have it on any device without jailbreak , this includes the iPhone 5 , iPad Mini and other newer devices that have no Jailbreak in iOS 6 . Sounds like a joke but it is charged for allowing Zeusmos hack applications.Moreover Kuaiyong is totally free .

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Although the Jailbreak is a simple method many users prefer not to for fear of damaging their terminals or know make the most, in this sense before pirate applications were available for a relatively small audience. With the advent of these new methods the offer is extended to any iOS device user who wants to save a few euros (most times are cents) no matter how you get the applications.

In the blog The Next Web have posted a complete article that speak of the emergence of these services, apparently use a Apple company account because you can install applications on many different devices. Some developers have registered their applications discharges detected and all were the same exact copy. At the moment there are no details of how and Kuaiyong Zeusmos but what is certain is that they use illegal methods in the worst case could seek to trick users distributing malware or copyingbanking information.

Kuaiyong makers claim that the purpose of their service is that users can test applications before buying them, however the reality is that almost no one will use it this way. It seems that Apple developers have had little time to celebrate the closing of Installous and now face a greater threat, what is certain is that Apple will take action on the matter.

Updated: The creators of Zeusmos have contacted The Next Web to explain. As discussed in order to Zeusmos was never hack applications and claim that soon launch an update with changes that hamper such illegal practices such as removing search results. The purpose of this application is to be a platform for completely legal to install applications and provide a place for developers hang trial versions or even to make known to those whose work has been rejected by Apple to enter the App Store. The team at The Next Web points out that, although they make changes, it will remain possible to install pirated apps without Jailbreak terminals.

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