It hurts to think that MIT has played a role in this tragedy

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The activist group Anonymous hacked into several pages of MIT after the publication of a statement on the death of Aaron Swartz.

President Masachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) issued a statement to the community of this center on the death of the young programmer and activist Aaron Swartz occurred on Friday in New York .

Swartz had been involved with MIT in recent years due to some allegations linking him with the theft of hundreds of digital documents .

L. Rafael Reif , MIT president announced in the press release that instructed the teacher computer science Hal Abelson an investigation into the actions of the Institute before the events ‘unusual’ detected on your network and which accused Swartz.

“I want to state clearly that everyone at MIT are extremely saddened by the death of this young talent who touched the lives of many people. It hurts to think that MIT has played a role in a series of events that ended in tragedy, “Reif has reported.

The president pointed out herein that the trace of the life of Swartz shine “for his brilliant creativity and idealism.”

“I do not intend here to write the complexity of the events during the last two years. Now it is time for each of the involved reflect on their actions, and that includes all of us at MIT, “the academic added.

In a statement issued on Saturday by relatives of the programmer, who was founder of the social network Reddit and was co-creator of the RSS system 14 years, blamed the U.S. justice and Swartz MIT’s suicide.

“Aaron’s death is not only a personal tragedy . It is the product of a criminal justice system plagued by intimidation and persecution.Decisions made ​​by the officials of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office and at MIT contributed to his death, “read the document contained by the Cnet website. Swartz is facing multiple charges including computer fraud and emphasized mail.

Anonymous attack

After the publication of the words of L. Rafael Reif, the activist group Anonymous hacked into several pages Masachussetts Institute of Technology alleging that Swartz decided to commit suicide because of persecution.

In the pages violated, Cnet reports , the group requested that due to the death of this young man, who classifies as a tragedy, should be made ​​legal changes involving several computers. They sought “a reform of the laws against computer crime” and a change in “the exaggerated zeal demonstrating prosecutors with these cases.”

They have also asked them to change the rights of “copyright” and the IP for that information is a public good and not “private”. It also asked the company to recognize the “oppression and injustice done by certain people and institutions of authority over anyone who dares to stand.”

On Sunday the social network Twitter echoed the label (hashtag) # PDFTribute with which many authors identified the free publication of literary documents, scientific or honoring acedémicos Internet freedom professed Swartz.

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