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The Higgs boson exists and confirmation of its existence opens a new era of physics and science in general. The European Centre for Particle Physics (CERN) announced the discovery of a particle with a 99.9999 percent chance of being the “boson” which had been stated for decades, but whose existence has never been proven. Two independent experiments at CERN, known as the CMS and ATLAS, agreed data. Today we know more of our origin and essence.

The day was memorable, starting with the press conference of presentation of data in Geneva. From Asturias, members of the high energy experimental group at the University of Oviedo (Department of Geology) participated in the climax created. NEW SPAIN, from a laboratory on the sixth floor, was able to conduct a videoconference with the physical Javier Cuevas, one of the Asturian representatives at CERN in Geneva: “It is very important redundancy in the result. Two independent teams have nailed the data. One confirms the other and that gives confidence. We have it. “

With Javier Cuevas were the Asturian also Folgueras and Lara Lloret Santiago. In Oviedo, Jonathan Stone and Javier Fernandez Menendez, who says that “it does not end here.” This week will resume data collection hatched Hadron Collider imposing temporary stop to its (perhaps a year) in February or March.

In December last CERN teams were about to prove the existence of so-called “God particle.” They stayed in doors because of lack of data analysis.

Yesterday, finally, the director general of CERN, Rolf Heuer, confirmed that “most probable” that the particle is found is that postulated by physicist Peter Higgs, a key to explain the formation of the universe. The Higgs boson mass is one that would give the rest of the particles and that would have allowed the formation of the Universe and all that exists.

Can not be the Higgs boson that has been found? Better not close doors to physics, but in the words of researchers Asturian “there is assurance that we have a new particle, which is very similar to what we wanted.What comes next is a major challenge because it is the challenge of understanding the properties of this new toy. ” A “toy” that opens the development of a new physics. CERN, faithful to their vocation mathematics, evaluated in a three million, the possibility that we are not at the famous “boson”.

Among those attending the presentation yesterday by spokesmen for the CMS, Joe Incandela, and ATLAS, Italian Fabiola Gianotti, was himself Higgs, 83, who spoke only to congratulate the researchers at CERN.Reporters repeatedly asked for an explanation and personal reflection, but he refused. The prominence it had others.

Data based on the experiments are obtained from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in the French-Swiss border, producing about 40 million proton collisions per second, which are recorded and analyzed between 300 and 600, to an energy level that can not be reproduced by any other machine in the world.

CERN physicists will spend the coming months to investigate the properties of the new particle “and understand what we’re seeing,” said Fabiola Gianotti. However, scanning to the core of this particle could take years. It will be the new target.

The president of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Peter Knight, said that “the discovery of the Higgs boson is so important to physics as the discovery of DNA was for biology.”

“Welcome the God particle,” the spokesman said the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), Juan Antonio Martinez Camino. “You are welcome to talk about God in physics”, by demonstrating that “when man seeks the origin of things can only speak of God,” he said.

Secretary of State R & D + i, Carmen Vela, said “the science return and especially the technological return” that research about the Higgs Boson “has led to Spanish companies.”

Spain, a major contributor to CERN scientists, participates with 8.11% of total contributions for the year 2012, according to the CSIC. The Spanish researchers, in addition to design and build several key sub-detectors in the search for new particles at the LHC, are involved in maintenance, collection, processing and analysis of collisions produced in the experiments.

In the CMS project, which involved 3,275 scientists from 179 institutes in 41 countries (about 900 Spanish) groups are present, the Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT), Institute of Physics of Cantabria, University of Oviedo and University Autónoma de Madrid.

The coordinator of the National Center for Particle Physics (CPAN), Marcos closed, said that in order to confirm the existence of the particle will require the collection of data triple by the end of 2012. In his opinion, opening a “field of possibilities” with this finding and from this moment will have to check what are the properties of the particle and what knowledge and consequences may contribute to science.

For one of the coordinators of CPAN, Antonio Picht, this is “a problem to be resolved,” to be the “single ingredient” of the Standard Model that has been “persecuted for years.”

Carmen Garcia, professor and principal investigator of the CSIC Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC) in Valencia, explained that this particle “very slippery” had not encountered before were not available from an experiment to facilitate the collision of protons at such high energies , as performed at the LHC, which has a ring 27 kilometers in circumference and a temperature of 270 degrees below zero.

From Asturias and from Switzerland the group at the University of Oviedo, a total of seven people yesterday emphasized “collaboration at work and prudence when announcing the results” by the CERN. There are still a lot to do, highlighted, “but today (yesterday) nobody is going to work.”

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