Issues of privacy and lack of users, the reasons for the closure of Google Reader

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The cost to maintain the infrastructure needed to protect privacy and the low profitability that provides the company with its number of users are two main reasons why Google has decided to close its reader and Google Reader .

Google announced that the July 1 close. This closure is included within the so-called second cleaning spring, in which the U.S. company again dispensed with a variety of services that had become obsolete because the Google team has added new and better services.

In the blog post, Google claimed that the closure of Google was caused due to the small number of users. However, according to sources consulted by the daily technology blog ‘The Wall Street Journal’ , ‘All Things D’ , it is possible that the more compelling reason for the closure is due to the ability of the company to resolve errors, particularly in relation to privacy.

The infrastructure needed to maintain privacy safe in such a service is too expensive and does not come profitable company having a team to defend the privacy of this service, according to sources.

And is that the privacy issues is not something that Google has already had problems in the past. For example, a few weeks ago resolved by paying $ 7 million (5.388 million euros) for data collection with Street View cars. Moreover also had to meet the payment of $ 22.5 million(17.32 million euros) to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States for failing to respect the privacy of users who use Apple’s browser, Safari.

User shortage

In addition, although no one knows the total number of users, the RSS reader of Google may not have sufficient number of customers to make it profitable. According to the CEO of Flipboard, Mike McCue, from Google Reader are two million people connected to their Flipboard accounts , so the number of users will far exceed this amount.

One of the directors of Google Reader, Nick Baum said: “My feeling is that it is a consumer product that Google is not making money , unless it reaches 100 million users, it’s not worth doing. “

Baum, who left the team in 2007, notes that Google does not have the resources to do things like help users of Google Reader to find links to track and analyze the content. “Someday someone will do something in this space that will work, “ said Baum. “And then Google might buy it.”

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