ISS problems facing power rationing

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From Russia reported that the ISS is operating under maximum power saving scheme, after “two astronauts did not have time to replace the block MBSU (power distribution), so that the station does not receive power from two solar batteries”.

In addition, another battery supplies the platform due to a voltage jump in one of its switches, Interfax said.

Thus three of the eight solar batteries platform not fulfill their role so that members of the station have imposed strict measures to save electricity.

On Wednesday, U.S. astronaut Sunita Williams and Akihiko Hoshide Japanese try again to install an electrical distributor ISS replacing one damaged, something that did not get done during the spacewalk Thursday.

The astronauts were able to remove and store the damaged unit but struggled to set the new one of the main beams of the platform.

The piece started giving problems withdrawal in October 2011 and although it stopped working completely, not operating at full capacity and NASA experts feared that fail at any time, so they decided to replace it.

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