ISS astronauts began preparations for repair work

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Astronauts Sunita Williams and Akihiko Hoshide come out on September 5 in the open space to complete the work on the outside of the International Space Station, which for some reason did not finish in the previous release, the website of NASA.

According to the planned program of work  will last for about six and a half hours. The main task of the astronauts – Replacing the switching power supply, which they do not have time to be attached securely to the station during work on 29 and 30 August.

At the same time according to the information on the website Roscosmos ISS Commander Gennady Padalka and flight engineers Sergei Revin and Yuri Malenchenko will replace cartridge cleaning system for the gas composition of the planned maintenance program system for the station activities.

At the moment, three of the eight solar panels are not included in the power system of the ISS, which is why there is a station on the lack of electricity. Previous attempts to replace haywire switch failed, and it failed completely.


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