Is Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 with physical keyboard?

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Nokia has not completely ruled out the creation of a Windows Phone 8 mobile terminal with QWERTY keyboard , but the chances are reduced as explained in an interview at the fair in Barcelona chief smartphones division, Jo Harlow.



Nokia has a tradition in the marketing of a number of quality models with physical keyboard and therefore perhaps not surprising that none has been released for Windows Phone 8. 
According to Harlow’s answer is clear and it is Nokia’s reluctance to be – again, on the wrong side of the trend in the mobility industry.

“Really a question, is there big enough audience out there or are only people who like a QWERTY keyboard on your phone? I really do not want to be on the wrong side of that movement “ , admits the head of smartphones at Nokia.

In any case, Nokia continues to evaluate its marketing but think that ” virtual keyboard Windows Phone is great, especially the level of self-correction “ .

All indications are that Nokia will evaluate staff response to Q10 BlackBerry , forthcoming marketing with the famous physical QWERTY keyboard RIM to think about launching a new Nokia with Windows Phone teclaso and 8.

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