iPhone: Mozilla Firefox abandoned and deserted iOS Home

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The Foundation prefers to focus on “other projects” that revolve around Android.

Firefox and the iPhone is definitely a complicated story. And the Mozilla Foundation seems to stop spending. On his blog, the publisher announced its intention indeed to abandon Firefox Home for iOS, one application of the red panda available in the iOS environment.

We recall that Mozilla had originally thought wearing browser for the iPhone. In early 2010, she announced that this option was abandoned because of the constraints imposed by Apple.

In May 2010, the Foundation returned to the charge with Firefox HomeBased tool allows you to find Firefox Sync on your iPhone’s browsing history, favorites or even his last open tabs in a Firefox session on computer through an automatic synchronization.





The interface is as a search engine and typing the first few letters of a website, the user is found in its history or favorites. The idea is to surf with Firefox on your PC and find the iPhone web pages as they were open on their computer.What extend the experience of the Red Panda on iPhone without really going through a browser such as ….

But more than two years later, the record does not seem positive as Firefox Home for iOS is abandoned and will be removed from the App Store. It is to focus resources on other projects.Android is obviously thinks that Firefox is no longer present.

On his blog , Mozilla says he does not desert iOS and promises to continue to explore opportunities. But flexibility is limited.

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