iPhone iOS 6 introduces a new connection option called “Wi-Fi + 3G”

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A few days ago that circulates the fourth version of IOS test 6. The next major update for mobile devicesApple (iPhone, iPhone and iPod Touch) that is expected to be available for download in September .As a trial that is currently only can download the registered developers so they can do tests with applications that are creating or have already created. iOS 6 beta 4 is a preliminary delivery does not have all the news nor is it totally stable, however, and comes with several improvements that will be in the final version. In this sense the betas are a good source for details including the final delivery, and sometimes gives hints about future products like the iPhone 5 . With this beta we learned that the screen resolution could be next manzanófono of 1,136 x 640 pixels and have a diagonal of four inches.

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The blog MacRumors have investigated the intricacies of IOS 6 beta 4 and have found a detail connected with the Internet connection which had hitherto gone unnoticed. The iPhone can connect to the network via the mobile 3G network or via Wi-Fi high speed in the settings menu there is a “switch” toturn these options separately. Thus if we are at home is recommend turning it off 3G to save mobile data and connect the Wi-Fi. If we are away from home should do just the opposite.

With IOS 6 , Apple introduces a new formula that combines the previous two, this is a new option toturn Wi-Fi and 3G at the same time , but this does not mean that the two connections will operate simultaneously. What makes this new option is to use the Wi-Fi but when the signal is weak or lostcompletely is automatically enabled 3G mobile network. With this new feature the user does not have to worry about turning off the Wi-Fi or 3G manually , but the terminal will change depending on the time.

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Option 3G + Wi-Fi can be configured to restrict the 3G connection in certain applications. For example if we use FaceTime or download music from iTunes on data consumption can be fired , properly configuring this option you can avoid such situations.

iOS 6 beta 4 is still a very complete version in that it introduces many new features and has several tracks on the iPhone 5 . However, we must stress that it is a trial version and can be the case that ismodified in final version. Apple announced that iPhone OS 6 be available for download in the fall,the iPhone 5 will be the terminal that the “premiere” so it will be presented simultaneously. It is expected that the official launch of the iPhone 5 occur the next day 12 September, although so far not been confirmed.

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