IPhone and iPad were the most generous: pay more than others for the link and do not complain

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Owners of mobile devices Apple pay for communication services more than the owners of smartphones running other operating systems – Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

These are the results of a study conducted in November and December 2012 in the U.S. by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). The survey showed that the average monthly bill of iPhone owners as a whole more than the owners of other smartphones. Only 6% of the holders of “apple” smartphone spent on payment due less than 50 dollars.

Nearly 60% of users iOS-gadgets pay for cell phones more than $ 100 a month, with the holders of smartphones on Windows Phone of 56%, and 53% – of users Android. The most frugal owners were BlackBerry – more than $ 100 per month for mobile communications spend only 40% of them.

But among those who have to spend to pay more regard servants $ 200 a month took the lead owners of feature phones – 12%. But supporters of iOS share second with BlackBerry – the figures are 10% each.

The study identified the commitment of consumers and the operating system. It was noted that 88% of iOS users do not change their preferences and continue to use the gadgets on the operating system Apple.

Holders of Android does not change his views in 64%, while 34% of respondents had previously been converted to Android iOS.

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