An iPhone 6 explodes in a user’s pocket while driving bike


A user of an iPhone 6 report the explosion of the new model of smart phone Apple phone when carrying in your pocket while riding her bicycle. Phillip Lechter , American entrepreneur, has publicicado on his personal blog the event and have attached several pictures that proof .

As discussed , the mobile phone caught fire while walking with his family on bicycles in Tucson (Arizona, USA). The explosion of this terminal, he says it acquired last September, has produced burns on his leg.

The employer has also denounced the mobile, made ​​of aluminum, folded in his pocket . “The smoke was thick and quickly tried to get the iPhone 6 in my pocket. The smell was disturbing. I could feel my leg burned. I took it out of my pocket and threw it aside, “he has told. Letcher, who later went to the doctor, has suffered a second degree burn.

It is not the first time are reported cases of “smartphones” that have gone off . For more than a decade that similar cases are reported.What’s behind all these alleged explosions? Are they true or are mere smear campaigns towards the brand? The truth is that these batteries, made ​​of lithium, usually integrated fuse to disconnect in the event of a short circuit occur . Technology firms have reiterated that burned behind these batteries is the use of non original chargers or extremes in temperature.

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