IPhone 5S will be presented by June

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Sources close to the production of this device and ensure that no date for the presentation and launch of new Apple product.

iphone 5s

iphone 5s

For lovers of gadgets we reported that Apple will introduce its iPhone 5S on 20 June and will start selling it early July, according to technology blog Shelly Palmer.

MacFan resumption of Information says the apple company will launch its next generation iPhone next Thursday June 20.

Other tech sites have reported that the new Apple smartphone will be similar to the iPhone 5, except for some improvements in it, like A6 processor, super HD camera, better battery and NFC, a wireless communication technology for short-range to share data between a phone and another.

While the presentation will take place on June 20, the launch of the phone and it goes on sale weeks later arrive in the United States. On this, Mexico is not on the usual lists first receive the new Apple devices, so you would have to wait until August or September to have the iPhone 5S.

Apple launched the iPhone 5 in September last year, however, the presentation also included a new iPad, the iPad Mini and an iPod version so it would not surprise anyone that this new device also

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