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This week it is selling the  iPhone 5 . It will be on Friday, September 21  . Meanwhile, talking about various technical sections of your profile, and for many of the wrong business strategy has argued that Apple with its new manzanófono that the European launch will have the highest price of the range.

This, along with other items that have been controversial and critical-last week we reviewed five of them – have served to have removed many of the  iPhone 5 true scent of disappointment . Still, to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar: the sixth generation of Apple phones also boasts some features that are praiseworthy . Today we look at five of these benefits.

iPhone 5


To those of Cupertino may criticize them for many things, but rarely is by design, but as discussed in another article, even this can be controversial. In the case of the iPhone , each of the six deliveries has been a benchmark for the elegant look of the terminal and the attractiveness of the materials used.

The iPhone 4 and  iPhone 4S devices were excellent level design, though perhaps not very functional: the use of glass in the case imposed a certain fragility to shocks and accidents. So has been so good decision to go for the same line of sight in the iPhone 5, but this time opting for the aluminum .The new colors are really nice, and it’s very thin and light.

iPhone 5


While retaining the same resolution of eight megapixels , Apple remains committed to faithfully capture the camera with the iPhone 5. The idea is based on two points: first, the sensor is very bright, and the lenses are of a excellent quality -based sapphire crystal – and, secondly, improving the stabilizer , which appreciate especially when we go to shoot videos with a maximum resolution- FullHD .

Moreover, this time the firm Californian has integrated a feature that will allow us to make panoramic photographs that, in practice, condense a canvas no less than 28 megapixels .

iPhone 5

Larger screen

Right. It falls short of the proposal, at least in size, they wield other manufacturers that make recognizable their mobile betting on high-end large format panels. But it’s something, at least, this time, Apple has given budge and leaves the standard 3.5 inches for the new iPhone 5 , causing the screen to grow to four inches. It does well without losing none of its award-winning quality Retina , defined by a resolution in density, gives a result of 326 points per inch . This time, as the panel grows along, is where pixels are added to yield a distribution of 1136 x 640 pixels.

iPhone 5

Improved Wi-Fi

He has criticized the iPhone 5 that the sensor LTE will not work in Spain -and now, no commercial coverage, or perhaps when opening the market in our country. However, connectivity includes an innovation that is very interesting for users who have access to fiber connection points. It is thanks to the presence of a sensor compatible with dual-band 802.11n , the iPhone 5 could browse Internet with download rates of up to 150 Mb / s . However, to do this we must have, as we say, with an access point that yields the flow and be supported by a series of circumstances that make it possible to approach this speed.

iPhone 5

More power, same autonomy

Although it seems, the processor of the iPhone 5 is still based on a dual-core architecture , the guys from Apple have managed to duplicate this unit results in both speed and performance of the system as usual routines in graphic calculations , which will be especially interesting during web browsing as during the days of use with video games especially powerful .

Furthermore, the size of the chip A6 is a 22 percent smaller , making it also more efficient. This has resulted in a consumption of battery which has enabled not fall autonomy indices, which remain regarding the seen as official terms in the previous generation: about eight hours of continuous use with 3G enabled sensor.

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