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Tim Cook took the stage on September 12, 2012 and introduced the iPhone 5. Maybe that was the problem.Yesterday we attended a keynote of Apple very different from what we were used in recent years. Apple has changed. For some for good and some not, but the reality is that it has changed. The product we saw yesterday was presented by a CEO soulless too “business” with an endless succession of slides and a tedious retaila of speakers too eager to show off.

The iPhone 5 is not only what we already knew who was and is what we already knew it was going to be, but even failed to attend some important things like NFC connectivity. It is true that if someone is buying an iPhone 5 in the coming weeks will have in their hands a first-line smartphone, but Apple has never sold their products as “one more” but as “something different” (Think different).

A6 Processor, their main stronghold
As always, on paper, all or almost all their technical specifications are accurate but does not leave you with your mouth open, but it is something that has been going with all iPhone.

Among his best weapons is the new A6 processor, as always do not really know what in her womb but promises a yield significantly higher than current A5X. We also know nothing of your RAM, but in reality, speaking of Apple products, these data do not matter in a closed platform such as iOS phones and Cupertino. Both are tailor made for each other and, as in the case of computers, at least the performance and the flow of the system are secured (or they better) or is superior to other hardware pedigree Rated the technical data.

Proof was the demonstration of Real Racing 3 and how the iPhone 5 could themed graphics that apparently are details but for a device like a phone they are still very noticeable. An example, in addition to the definition of environments, graphics, fluidity of movement, etc., is that in the mirror looked a real-time reflection, something that requires a GPU more than remarkable.

iOS 6, very interesting … but we know from June
undoubtedly another major asset of the iPhone 5 is iOS 6 at full power. Terminal will be the only Apple has not vetoed the odd function. This is something that probably is a decision “business” rather than technical limitation and is responsible for balancing jailbreak.

Without going into the stormy land and Cydia tweaks, iOS 6 looks good, very good even more than good. What is the problem? That Apple was devoted almost 40 minutes to review something that already had told us in June, we have been following and knowing with successive developer betas and that, like the image of the iPhone 5, it was anything but a secret formalize loudly.

The camera of the iPhone 4S with a patch
Other components, despite what you wanted to try, are not as flashy. An 8MP camera with 1080p recording capability is something you do not already have it terminals this year, is already in 2011 and the iPhone 4S itself. Something similar can be said of the front for video calls with 720p quality. He tries to save the ballot with the sapphire crystal and the panorama function but they are by no means, differentiators against competitors. Not even worth the panoramic photos of 28MP (which is a trick to give this figure) when a Pure View Nokia Lumia 808 makes the “normal” nothing less than 41MP.

In terms of aesthetics … a matter of taste and not bad
Aesthetically continuity need not be, moreover, a point to criticize. The design is clear heir to the iPhone 4 but with significant changes that can make it interesting. Under the same thickness and width for a 4 “display that it seems to be very comfortable to use, especially for large paws as the undersigned, next to the new unibody aluminum body. The taste or not this new aesthetic is in the eye of the beholder, the problem is that since we had only seen what has not changed anyone’s opinion on it official.

Insufficient capacity for the days running
Returning criticism points undoubtedly the decision to maintain a maximum 64GB capacity is something that will weigh.We will not enter the sterile discussion microSD slot, Apple has not and probably never will, but it was time and having spent most prone to 128GB capacities for recording and playing multimedia files or save pictures in HD “28 MP”.

Connectivity, the big prick
as we said earlier, connectivity is another point in question. The two letters of the most talked about lately, LTE and NFC, there are players in the iPhone 5. The first because work by region. This is something that actually matters little if you do not travel much outside your continent since models are to establish European, American and Asian. And second because it directly is missing, and this is already more serious or is that they keep to the iPhone 5S?

This overshadows you have been provided with things like Bluetooth 4.0 but that’s not something that is new to the market.

Conclusion: disappointment is worse than indifference
in all, and in conclusion, although this time Apple has not disappointed the expectations of his followers as he did to get the iPhone 4S, has left us with something that is possibly worse: indifference. Probably many renew their iPhone 4, especially if you have an iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 5, it is still a quantum leap if you like the iOS platform and not the other options in Android or Windows Mobile.

In fact, the main problem of the iPhone 5 to attract buyers interested in Apple phones will not convince one that has Android for a change, but one who already has an iPhone 4 or 3GS at the time of renewal. Why buy it when the iPhone 4S is going to stay at a very attractive price with a performance that, despite being much lower, do not differ so much?

Personal opinion: Apple is no longer Apple in recent times
but the worst, and this is personal opinion and that he writes, is the feeling that Apple is no longer Apple and has lost its ability to dazzle. The iPhone 5 is due to leave the phone in October 2011 instead of the iPhone 4S.

The lack of charisma and leadership of Jobs noticeable and much, not only in the style of presentation, but the charisma of products. The most notable example was the iPod Nano that based on how bright it was the design of its predecessor, has taken several steps back in its evolution. We may have used wrong or impossible to ask what, in short, is a business. But what we have sold, so we have paid in the past and what we require now risk losing the loyalty of his, until now, stalwart supporters.

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