iPhone 5: Top 5 rumors!

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The next generation of Apple iPhone, iPhone unofficially named the sixth-generation iPhone 5, has been all the rumors. Here’s a top five rumors about the “new iPhone” Apple!

iPhone 5: Top 5 rumors!

A screen, 4-inch slimmer:

Leading the pack of rumors this year, the screen! In May, the sites, reported that the next iPhone will have a display of “at least” four inches, in contrast to the traditional 3.5-inch screen which has always been with the iPhone. These reports have subsequently been corroborated by the site  9to5Mac , who provided some figures: 3.95 inches diagonally, with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixel, and 16:9. However, the width of the new iPhone will likely remain the same as the old generation. Apart from these new dimensions, the next iPhone will also be thinner.

New dock connector: Goodbye, the pin 30. Hello, the 19 pin.

The  Wall Street Journal  reported that Apple would introduce a new media dock in its next generation iPhone. This rumor came up several times on the front of the stage. In February,  iMore issued a report and photos of a connector “dock” that should “make room for bigger batteries, and the 4G” . On July 23,  Reuters  reported that the next iPhone will be the first device under iOS be equipped with a new 19-pin dock connector, replacing the standard dock connector pin 30. Of course, this rumor immediately raised many concerns, particularly in terms of accessory compatibility. But, rest assured according to the site iMore, Apple will provide customers an adapter so that they do not need to buy any.

Materials: Nano-Sim, 1GB RAM, LTE, quad-core A6

According to various sources, Apple should normally with the next iPhone from the  nano-SIM technology , which is 40 percent smaller than micro-SIM cards. The Financial Times then reported that wireless operators in Europe, Apple partners, began to control nano-SIM cards in preparation for the next iPhone. In addition to nanotechnology, should Apple iPhone with its LTE network, as well as a larger battery to save time autonomy and connection speed. The site BGR subsequently “confirmed” that the next iPhone, iPad as third generation, have 4G connectivity, the LTE network, and 1GB of RAM – twice that of the iPhone 4/4S – and NFC.

Finally, the sites   reports that the next iPhone will include a quad-core processor based on the A6 Samsung Exynos 4 CPU.

This is not the iPhone 5 is “the new iPhone”

Everyone has chosen to name the sixth-generation iPhone, iPhone 5. However, Apple could adopt the same strategy as for the iPad was appointed its next iPhone: “New iPhone” .

Release date: September (or October)

The last word on the release date of iPhone 5 comes from an unnamed source close to a Chinese manufacturer of accessories, the iPhone 5 should be introduced to the market on Friday 21 September. Although this rumor is a little too precise, it is quite close to the launch date of iPhone 4S (October 4).

For you, what is the rumor that seems closest to reality?

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