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Technology firm Apple disappointed the markets today after presenting the results from April to June, the third quarter of its fiscal year. Despite record sales of iPad tablet, lower demand of the iPhone brought down profits.


After generating a turnover of 35.023 million dollars, Apple posted a net profit of 8.824 million dollars, which represented 22.5% and 20.7% respectively over the same period in 2011.


Despite the growth, the company numbers showed a downward trend following the successful 2011. Between October and December 2011, Apple has more than 13,000 million and income benefit over 46,000 million dollars. The change in the results started between January and March: the company generated 11,000 million profit after raising 39,000 million.


Given the doubts about the performance of the company, Apple executives said that the first and second quarter are a transition period in which the “rumors and speculation” about upcoming releases slowing demand. “There is an incredible anticipation out there about our future products after what we have been able to present to the past,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a conference call following the announcement of quarterly results.


Apple is expected to announce in late September and October its new line. Among them, we expect a new generation of iPhone, a new operating system IOS deck 6 and even the possibility that different unveil an iPod Touch or an iPhone smaller.


The expectation justified by new products for this company, that between April and June this year, 26 million iPhone sold worldwide, 11 million less than in October-December and 9 less than in January-March, although the figure was 28 percent higher than in the same period in 2011. Cook said that after launching the iPhone 4S late last year worldwide and put it on sale in China, one of its main markets in January is logically lower sales in the months following.


Other factors that played against accounts from Apple was the exchange rate due to a gradual appreciation of the dollar against other currencies, which increases their products, the poor state of the European economy and reducing over-quarter revenue of 2,000 million issue in China for “seasonal”. 62 percent of Apple’s revenues between April and June were produced outside the U.S..


The most positive aspect of the past quarter for the company founded by Steve Jobs was the good performance of its iPad tablet with the debut of the third generation of these devices in mid-March.


Between April and June, Apple sold 4 million Macs, up 2 percent from a year ago, while marketing the iPod continued to fall. During the past quarter were shipped 6.8 million of those players, 10 percent less than the same period of 2011.

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