iPhone 5 obsolete Galaxy S III at the web traffic

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Only 18 days after its launch, Apple’s iPhone 5 Samsung for around four months available Android flagship Galaxy S III surpassed the traffic. It has a analysis of Chitika arise for which it has evaluated millions of mobile ad views in its network. Over the period of 3 to 9 October was the iPhone 5 caused by the volume of traffic in the U.S., therefore above the Galaxy S III.

Of the measured data traffic can, however, not close to the number of terminals. While it is possible that there are now more than iPhone 5 Galaxy S III in the market, there may also be that iPhone 5 users only more on the Web are, for example, because support the latest Apple smartphone LTE.

“The latest development in the mobile ecosystem is not good news for Samsung,” Chitika writes in his analysis. Finally Samsung has positioned his unit as direct competitors of the iPhone 5.

It is not surprising that the iPhone 5 causes excessive traffic. Apple has sold in the first three days of the launch, about 5 million units of smartphones. It probably could have sold a great deal more equipment, there would have been no shortages of displays in the supply chain.

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