iPhone 5, iPad 2 and Galaxy Mini Note through X-ray

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The  Mobile Fanpage  is conducting a series of radiographs curious to mobile terminals and, after passing through the X-ray the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the time has come to iPad Mini.

While we always hope to removal of the devices, thay have decided it is better to discover the intricacies of mobile devices and tablets with an x-ray and so not risk the integrity of past cherished always terminal.

A curious series of radiographs to market the latest gadgets
After X-rays pass through two of the latest smartphones on the market, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II, it is time to coincide with its release, the iPad Mini . This curious view reveals tablet every component, with the A5 chip as large and prominent among them the huge battery.

Things are not removing the tablet can be known, as the inside of the connector lightning
The new connector inside lightning,  which is difficult to dismantling it and other components such as the camera and two stereo speakers. Just to confirm this detail in an “oversight”, put on its website that the iPad Mini had a sound system “mono”.

Reveals the secrets of other iPad Mini
To meet the rest of components is necessary to resort to explanations  who have already put their hands. Although most components hidden surprises, many are inherited from MacBooks and iPhone 5, have discovered some amazing things like the LCD panel is signed by Samsung or the battery, which has left many surprised by its performance, has a capacity of 4,400 mAh confirmed.

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