iPhone 5 iOS again allowed to bypass Android

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According to new data released by research firm, iOS platform was able to take 48.1% of the U.S. market for the 12-week period ended October 28 – is little more than the share of the rival platform Google Android, which is 46.7%. However, outside the U.S. iOS is far less popular. According to the same analysts, the Android platform has been installed on an impressive 73.9% of smartphones sold in Germany in the same period of time, and in Spain – by 81.7%.

The success of Apple’s 12-week discussion period is due, according to analysts, the market entry iPhone 5. The company emphasizes that the last time Android surpassed iOS in the U.S. market during the iPhone 4S release last year. iOS then maintained at the first place for three consecutive periods before again cede Android.

It should be noted that Apple launched the iPhone 5 at the end of September, so that the research Kantar influenced only one month. Kantar is not saying how much Apple smartphones sold during the period, but reported that 62% of buyers of iPhone 5 in the U.S. already own the iPhone. Apple has the best things with the loyalty of customers – according to Kantar, 92% owner of the iPhone in the future updated to a new smartphone Apple.

By the way, according to data IDC, published a few weeks ago, Android took in the third quarter of 75% of the global smartphone market and iOS – only 14.9%

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