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The iPhone 5 and is an official product. We explain each and every one of its features and characteristics of the new model which replaces a legendary saga mobile has changed the way we understand the telephone.


The iPhone 5 is a reality. A name that after two years of waiting has seen the light. The sixth generation model Apple is already among us. A terminal as expected Wi LTE and a bigger screen.The first terminal of the post Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5, has brought in check the worldwide media for long and we can give all the details of a model that will be historic regardless of how they behave commercially, said Incidentally, it appears that will work quite well. Tim Cook has been the master of ceremonies of the arrival of the first mobile phone equipped with technologyup to 100 Mbps LTE . gem defined according to Apple. The iPhone 5 will be sold in Europe through Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, confirmed. Note that the version that will come to Spain will not be LTE, but Dual Cell HSDPA up to 42.2 megawatts. Note that from the start will come with front black and white, always with aluminum finish on the back.



The Apple iPhone 5 phone is equipped with touchscreen mobile operating system iOS 6. It has 7.6 mm, 18% thinner than its predecessor and weighs 112 grams. The equipment has a 4-inch Retina display, with a density of 326 ppi, with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. It must be said that the times we feel like four inches a fair bit, although it is important to congratulate Apple for having achieved a larger screen without making the wider terminal.

His design has changed very little from its predecessor which was at the time when a clear signature aesthetic evolution. Aesthetically it is a reality that the model is continuity and that once again the press has nailed it with the photos we had seen so far. The body is made of aluminum. The larger screen allows one more line of icons. Theprocessor is an Apple A6, 22% smaller and better energy management that the A5. The standard supports WiFi a / b / g / n up to 150 Mbps Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

iPhone 5 black

The digital camera

The digital camera has a resolution of eight megapixels equipped with LED flash and a brightness of F2.4 opening. Its performance appears panorama function that allows photos up to 28 megapixels. The overlying crystal is sapphire.Internally is a five-element lens. It has improved stabilization, face detection is now up to 10 people and have the ability to take pictures while recording video. The iPhone 5 is provided with three microphones one front, one rear and one at the front at the bottom but which assume as compensation work. On the subject of the images we can say that there has been a system in which you subscribe to photos that makes anyone with an iOS device 6. A sort of Instagram on demand for Apple users that is called PhotoStream .

iPhone 5 black

New connector

A new feature was expected that the new connector is smaller and it is called Lightning. 80% smaller than it had so far and as expected there will be a series of adapters to use the current 30-pin connectors. Certainly using curious decision when all manufacturers are working towards a standard. As already knew the firm has opted for a system of navigation maps and owner, as their relationship with Google is clear that bypasses its best. On the topic of navigation is no news, because now from Safari yes you can have a full screen of a website, something that previous models could not.Incidentally Siri also improves ability to manage your social networks and access services online reservations through his.

iPhone 5 black

The runtimes are 8 hours of talk time, 8 hours 3G browsing, the same as with LTE. In the case of WiFi autonomy is 10 hours, the same as if we play video. If we use it as a music player autonomy is 40 hours. 10 in video mode and 225 hours in stand by. The first prices with operators that have been given are 199 16 GB, 32 GB and 399 299 64GB.Important to mention that the iPhone 4S, always talking about prices in the U.S. with operator, will stay at $ 99, while the iPhone 4 will go free. 

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