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With the iPhone 5 , ”  we do not want a new phone, but a much better design.  ” In all its ambiguity multivalent subject to interpretation, this sentence of Jonathan Ive, head of design productsApple , willingly reflect complacency whose “Apple brand” is customary.But for many observers, the words die, disintegrate and reveal a different reality than the common spirit did not fail to appear, as the deadline neared.

At the discretion of mouth-to-ear and fuss of “buzz machine” more a nobody had been told that the alignment precedence over innovation. Many media have also assayed in the sense that their Morning Edition, September 12.If the rumors peddled globally had long since established in advance, with remarkable accuracy, the silhouette of the iPhone 5, they had also suggested that the natural evolution would take precedence over innovation.

A light-years of a crippling standstill, the change is orchestrated smoothly under the leadership of Tim Cook, now accustomed keynotes.The iPhone 4S has still left traces, so much so that his successor takes many features.The iPhone 5 is still thinner and lighter: 140 grams and 9.3 mm for its predecessor, it goes to 112 grams and 7.6 mm.

The combination of glass and aluminum in the composition of the chassis is not foreign.

In contrast, the exit LiquidMetal, this ultra-resistant coating that issue since it was spring and the renewal of the agreement which bound its inventors exclusive to Apple.Efforts are concentrated on the screen itself. In the vein of new multimedia applications, the ensemble won the surface: 4 inches, tipped as a very long time (November 2011 in this case) is more than 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S.

In addition, the ratio 3:2 display hitherto in force, the Cupertino makes the leap to 16:9, 1136 x 640 dots or 326 ppi.And Phil Schiller added, without escape: ”  This format? This is because the terminal is in better hands.  “In return, it will be up to developers to adapt their applications. A non-optimization will result in black bars display the worst effect.If the integration of touch sensors in liquid crystal technology (in-cell) is not a first in the world of mobility, its benefits are undeniable, with less flare and improved colorimetry: 44 % tolerance on saturation sRGB profile.

Another performance gain, the processor, now a A6, said twice faster than the iPhone 4S A5X. This velocity is particularly verify launch applications.Added a processor to chipset amazing potential seen some demonstrations on game scenes and 3D animations.Also integrated into the A6, 3G modem / 4G offers compatibility to HSPA + 21 Mbit / s and DC-HSDPA 42 Mbit / s, but also a download speed of 100 Mbit / s LTE (Long-Term Evolution ).

Claimed on the compatibility of 4G mobile networks across the globe, Apple has shown little to say and instead emphasize the dynamic implementation of an antenna and a chip only dedicated to voice processing such as data .Wi-Fi is also supercharged (Ultra-Fast Wireless), but the Bluetooth 4.0 is still not at the rendezvous. Nor that contactless technology short range NFC (Near-Field Communication).

The immutability is more evident at the optic backbone: the sensor resolution maxes out at 8 megapixels (3264 x 2488 points), still f/2.4, with a supplement of soul: a low light mode dynamic doubled to functionality panorama 28 megapixels.720p front camera includes facial recognition. Three microphones that associate themselves bonifieront experience FaceTime, now available on 3G / 4G.

Concentrate energy efficient technology at first. And yet, autonomy is average, somewhat higher than the 4S: 8 hours 3G or 4G, 10 hours Internet browsing using Wi-Fi, 40 hours of audio playback, 225 hours standby.This achievement is due to the miniaturization of components. Not only the speaker is 20% smaller, but the motherboard itself is a reduced size. Therefore, the battery is more powerful, though irremovable in a unibody chassis.

To recharge the battery, a new type of connector makes its appearance. It does not count 19 pin had left as reflected some “stolen shots”, but it contrasts with the model in force since 2007 and the first iPhone.Here, occupies 80% less area. Apple provide (sell?) adapter to make it compatible with existing equipment. Major manufacturers (Bose, B & O, JBL and others) are working on their side.

Although less verve than at host Siri (it was with the iPhone 4S), the software ecosystem has been shortened presentation.In its 6th finalized version dedicated to deployment of 19 September for all iPad, iPhone 3GS and later as the latest generation of iPods Touch, iOS 6 enriched yet a mapping tool house.

A sort of Street View most impressive, with three-dimensional visualizations, filmed with cameras in relief.Apart from a iTunes lightened with a mini video player, iCloud functionality Tabs made a notable appearance. It allows you to synchronize content such as tabs across multiple instances of Safari on Mac OS X and iOS.

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