iPhone 5: Available for pre-order on 12 September

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According to recent rumors, Apple not only present its new iPhone on September 12th, but launching the same day pre-orders for its latest smartphone.

This is a note posted by Rene Ritchie on iMore which chronicles the latest rumor about the highly anticipated new iPhone, called iPhone and so far 5 (question is whether Apple is that again the iPad – for memory iPad 3 just took the name ” New iPad “). Apple would open pre-orders for the United States on 12 September. A date should be held as the keynote presentation .. An international release, and therefore European, is scheduled for October 5, three weeks later.

The article should pre-ordered units to nine days to reach its destination. In recent years, customers who pre-ordered their unit had received one or two days before the official release.

Rene Ritchie ensures that the source who gave him that information is credible and has already given good information in the past. However, as usual Apple has made no comment, despite the flood of rumors that accompany the release of the smartphone . In addition to the new iPhone, many fans expect Apple Unveils iPad Mini on the same day . Rumors about a renewal of iPod also circulates. The question is what differentiates a mini iPad an iPod touch giant …

A month before the presentation of the supposed new iPhone, all these details are at the stage of rumor, and things may well change.

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