iPhone 4S Sales grew in popularity declined iPhone 5

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Two months ago, in sale the latest version of the popular smartphone iPhone 5. Since Apple has not yet announced the date of supply to the domestic market. In few places,  this device was available only on the Internet summarized the results of two months of its sales of the iPhone 5.

Since the beginning of the start of sales at XYZ sold iPhone 5 in the amount of 74 million rubles, Of which the first four days after the start of official sales of the total orders of the latest generation smartphone from Apple was 22.4 million rubles. A month later, with the advent of iPhone 5 in the market, the Allegro was recorded sales growth of the previous model iPhone 4S, proposals for which are cheaper.

“After a week and a half after the start of sales of iPhone 5 iPhone 4S sellers have to lower the cost of smartphones.  Now we can find the iPhone 4S cost of 12 thousand rubles. Orders for the new iPhone 5 are reduced, and the iPhone 4S to grow on average by 10-14% in a week. “

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