iPad mini new generation still got Retina-Display

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Although the iPad mini just went on sale in some countries, in the bowels of Apple, apparently, already being hard at work on the next generation of this compact tablet. And, if you believe the information Digitimes, engineers from California seriously set out to eliminate one of the few weaknesses of the product, namely the relatively low resolution of its 7.9-inch touchscreen display is 1024 x 768 (with pixel density is at 163ppi) .

While such a figure is quite normal for a very compact tablet, which is the iPad Mini , it clearly pales against the Retina-display “big” iPad third and fourth generation , with its 2048 x 1536 resolution and pixel density of 264ppi, and even Full HD screens in some smartphones. In connection with this information is not surprising that Apple plans to equip the second generation iPad mini super fine display technology Retina, has found application in the lines of the iPhone and iPad.

Thus obviously will have problem of optimizing the energy consumption in such a Retina-display and increasing the battery capacity iPad mini, it is necessary to ensure an acceptable battery of the device. It is also reported that the next generation of “big” iPad will be easier thanks to a new technology that allows to use the same LED-light source instead of two.

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