iPad mini, MacBook Pro or iTunes, what shall Apple this afternoon?

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Apple has summoned the press this afternoon to, a priori, to present its new iPad mini, however, could not come alone and the Cupertino company could present a new MacBook Pro with Retina display smaller than the present and a revamped iTunes.

The keynote has been the emergence of new rumors about iPad mini in which speculates the screen quality, design or price.

Among the main specialized blogs bet because the mini iPad Retina screen will not, in order to lower its cost, whereby the size of the screen would be 7.85 inch in order to maintain the 163 dpi, having iPhone 4 and 4S.

A leak in prices  has raised speculation that the handset will come with a market price that would be about $ 329, more than what Amazon or Google sets with their tablets . However, it seems that Apple’s move could lead to a new strategy of the other companies. Google for its part could draw on 29th a new tablet and update your Nexus 7, while the company of Jeff Bezos, could lower the price of the Kindle more Fire HD.

Furthermore, although it is known colloquially as iPad Mini this might not be the denomination that has finally. In fact, the rumor mill surrounding Apple all events, it is speculated that it could reach as iPad Air or just iPad.

Regarding its design, is outwardly similar to the present only with smaller dimensions, although its internal structure will gain weight distribution of the battery, which would gain space thus extending its life.

Also, recently leaked photos, suggest that the device will also incorporate the new connector that Apple has already the iPhone 5, so if you want to take the cables from other models will disburse € 30 connector. Moreover, from the blog 9to5Mac , suggests that the new gadget will be available in two colors.

Retina MacBook Pro, iTunes …

Although the star is the anticipated new iPad, this tablet could accompany several important presentations.

It seems certain that in addition to the iPad mini, Tim Cook’s company will present a new MacBook Pro Retina, after having solved the problems of adaptability of the technology of its big brother 15 inches to move to a 13-inch screen. Its price could rise to about $ 1,700, which would be an interesting option for the future of the Cupertino company, as great versatile tool.

It has also gained traction in recent days a rumor that the company, taking advantage of their new iPods are already on the market, will make known a revamped version of iTunes. This update of its platform would be a new weapon in Apple Content struggle against Amazon and Google. Within this struggle to give more weight to the content, the company could exploit to Tim Cook iBooks upgrade to a new version, which would add more functionality to the platform.

Although less likely, it is also speculated that Apple could renew its range of current iMacs and iPads. Regarding the first, there are many iMac users who want to see an updated version of its teams, which have the screen technology retina that the company has already implemented the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Something seems unlikely that Apple will touch their iPad range, although from several specialized media suggests that with the arrival of the iPad Mini, the iPad 2 would be discontinued and Apple would take thecurrent latest model of iPad with the new connector has already iPhone 5.

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