iOS 7 could be unveiled in June with a much more flat and clean.

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While Apple is still working on patching errors twists and iOS 6, and rumors point to a possible iOS 7 that would be unveiled in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC2013 ). But other rumors indicate that Apple is behind in the development of iOS 7, due to the completely redesigned interface at the hands of Jonathan Ive to give us a brief and simple screen.



According to John Gruber of  Daring Fireball , operating system development  iOS 7  is so retarded  that Apple has taken engineers who were developing the version 10.9 of Mac OS X to work on iOS and so have it ready for the  Worldwide Developers Conference, the  WWDC2013 , Apple held in early June and where, generally, the company distributes versions of its software developers.

iOS hand of Sir Jonathan Paul Ive

iOS-7-Jonathan Ive-PoderPDA

Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, best known as Jonathan Ive, was promoted to head the design of interfaces of iOS and OS X for the changes implemented in Tim Cook Apple policy, probably  in order to simplify and standardize both interfaces. Ive is an internationally renowned British designer for the design of the latest iMac, titanium as the iMac and the PowerBook, the MacBook, the iPod and the iPhone, which highlights its sober lines designed to minimalism.

Ive is said that not a fanatic skeumorfismo as was Steve Jobs. The skeumorfismo is this trend that seeks to imitate objects and real-world materials into the operating system interface in order to make it more friendly, which has been criticized lately in iOS and OS X, but many people find it helpful to reduce the learning curve showing the familiar objects and applications as easily identifiable.

Goodbye to skeumorfismo?


The skeumorfismo not a bad thing in itself, and has its fans and its detractors but there is talk that this trend could be gone in the new version of iOS, which we can see in the version 1.2 of the application from Apple’s Podcast which has a cleaner interface. Rumors from developers who have spoken to Apple employees suggest that the next operating system from Apple, Ive  is promoting a more “flat” , more marked and more simple, but do not have more details.

There are many sources that talk about big changes, trends to a minimalist interface, to distance the operating system skeumorfismo defended both Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall, former vice president of iOS. This radical change could be the key to Apple retake the lead in the market of smartphones and tablets, but also could be the move that finished sink.

The rumors will no doubt, but not until they are drawn to see if iOS 7 when the goal of making Jonathan Ive was that and how many of these rumors were true.

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