iOS 6 quickly drains the battery of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

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Those who still can not have an iPhone 5 does not want to give up the novelties offered iOS 6. Most owners of an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 are rushing to update their smartphones with the new operating system version. Adoption is still very fast. The launch of iOS 6 occurred on 18 September. From then until Monday October 1, 60 percent of iPhones already have the sixth version of the operation, while 29 percent still conseva iOS 5.1, 5 percent have iOS 5.0, and remaining 6 percent with older versions, according to market research company Chitika.

And is that users of Apple’s mobile devices are fast adopting the latest versions of the OS. Last June,Apple executives boasted that more than 80 percent of its customers had installed the latest version of its OS, iOS 5. This contrasts with the users of Android 4.0 that, by then, was present in only 7 percent of smartphones and tablets with Google’s system. Now, having the latest is not always the best.

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For users of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, upgrade to iOS 6 represents the blessing of being able to access more than two hundred new features, maps related to Apple and improvements in dictation, voice assistant Siri and stores online Apple App Store and iTunes. However, all is not proving so positive.Various Internet forums like MacRumors and Apple Support Boards, are echoing complaints from userswho report a sharp reduction in battery life of their devices after the upgrade. At first he blamed the iOS Maps application of high consumption, but a user of iPhone 4S notes that loses ten percent when charging when the phone is in the pocket unused.

Another owner of an iPhone 4S explains that, before shifting to iOS 6, while returning each still had about 60 percent battery charge, but now returns with only 17 percent. This seems to happen even when the user has disabled location services, GPS navigation does not use, do not surf the Internet and even not making calls. Tricks and disable the maps or passbook, or manually close applications when multitasking not seem to work. A user whose iPhone 4S battery has lost 48 percent charge in half an hour without using is considering returning to version 5.1.1. iOS. Furthermore, the owners of a iPhone 4 are not having much more luck. One says his phone loses autonomy forced marches, in one hour, falling from 63 percent to 30 percent, while over the table without touching. Now, what all users are eagerly awaiting a new software update that resolves these battery problems.

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