iOS 6 continues with WiFi connection issues

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The new version of  iOS 6.0.1 , available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch,  not solve the problems of users to access Wi-Fi networks . Since the release of iOS 6 by Apple, was detected in the operating system a serious problem that prevented an optimal connection to Wi-Fi because of the loss of coverage and, in some cases, even to  increase  considerably the consumption Internet data rates .

This circumstance not be overlooked the system can recognize that the terminal was accessing the Internet through a wireless network. Another problem detected in the system was unable to run applications on an internal network as a network to connect to VPN automatically disconnected from the Wi-Fi. There are few users have been affected by this issue – not being the only flaw of the initial version of iOS 6 -, so that the same Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, he hurried around the time of promise substandard such errors as soon as possible. The reality has not been able to settle, at least not permanently. This malfunction was believed initially own version of iPhone 4S, but time has shown that any Apple device you have installed iOS version 6 can be suspected of giving problems.



Apple recommends

So far no solution for users who suffered these mishaps with their terminal connectivity, Apple’s recommendation to try to resolve the issue are to:

-First check that airplane mode is off.

-Second: restart the iOS device

-Third, update the iOS device

-Fourth: Reset network settings: Settings-> General-> Reset-> Reset Network Settings.

-Fifth and final step: restore the iOS device in iTunes.

Real improvements iOS 6.0.1

While this new version of the operating system the Cupertino company has not definitively away the ghosts of failed connections, we can say that brings improvements in other sections. Apple claims that the problems are over with the camera flash that made this not work. Has also been achieved to solve the problem of keyboard, wherein some annoying horizontal lines hampered its use. Furthermore, the problem has been fixed that prevented install software updates in iPhone 5, wireless remote, while improving the connection to mobile networks iPhone 5. Finally it should be noted that in this version is part of the “mobile data use” iTunes Match, and solves the problem of the “Passcode Lock”.

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