iOS 6.1 for iPhone and iPad will further complicate the Untethered Jailbreak

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If you like a Jailbreak will be aware that the current situation is quite uncertain. Since the release of six iOS hackers have not yet managed to overcome the defenses of this release and it’s been four months, probably longer delay from the existence of Jailbreak. Crowd of users around the world updated to iOS Jailbreak 6 and lost their terminals, the only people who have it are the iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 4G because they have older processor. The other terminals as newer iPhone 4S , iPad 2 ,iPad 3 or iPhone 5 have no option to apply the jailbreak and the prognosis is not too good. A few days ago we published a story that gave us some hope, in an interview the hacker pod2g assured that Jailbreak iOS 6 would come sooner or later , but today comes another news that take it away again.As you know, Apple is releasing test versions of iOS 6.1 will be the first major update of iOS 6 and is aimed primarily at improving the functioning of the Maps application. What we did not know until now is that this issue also has significant security enhancement by hacker i0n1c complicate matters further still those who are working on the Jailbreak iOS 6.

To i0n1c this is further evidence that Apple has upped the ante in their fight against the Jailbreak and not give the slightest thought, and stresses that this happens when not yet been possible to overcome the security of iOS 6. Added to this is that not many hackers working on it and you will start to talk about a crisis in the Jailbreak community. Most veterans are those who have more knowledge on the subject but it seems that everyone is engaged in personal projects, such as Comex or pod2g example. The difficulty level is so high that it is not possible to reach a new hacker on the scene and get the system to bypass the limitations of the iPhone as if by magic, this task requires experience and dedication . The most pessimistic and speak the beginning of the end of the Jailbreak but still forget that there are many hackers who are working on it as chpwn, p0sixninja, MuscleNerd, Planetbeing and hopefully soon join them pod2g . Rather than lack of interest seems to be a poor organization among them and this together with the new challenges that no progress would be doing just. Also remember that i0n1c not exactly known for their commitment to the Jailbreak scene , but for years was an active member currently sells exploits are already making highly controversial statements on Twitter, sometimes even against some of its ex- companions.

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On the other hand this new theory by land strip that hackers were hoping to release iOS 6.1 to get to work more intensively on the Jailbreak iOS 6, but still remains more details about this increase in security of the speaker i0n1c . There will have to be patient and trust that eventually get Untethered Jailbreak for developing an iOS 6 that works on all Apple mobile devices. By last we remind you that when iOS 1.6 is available, is expected to be in January , do not upgrade your phone if you want to apply the jailbreak option in the future.

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