iOS 6.1 allows iPhone unlock screen without password

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6.1 iOS still generates problems for users. Just a couple of days, just last Tuesday,  February 12 , the company Apple was released a major update to iOS 6.1.1 . The new data packet had a mission to fix a number of bugs: spontaneous draining battery, the errors in the synchronization of Exchange accounts or interference from 3G . 


Well, it seems that has not happened. It is true that the company has cleaned up some performance problems detected in the iPhone 4 , but it is also true that it has not solved – at all – some of the most serious failures, reported by the users in the forums of the company. Now with the update to iOS 6.1.1 has been found that there is a new  bug or security hole that would allow us to access an iPhone without having to enter the security code. A video posted on YouTube shows how it is possible to bypass the security barrier and access the contacts menu for calls.

Unlock iPhone without entering the security code is easy. There is more to see the video. First you have to click on the Start button on the iPhone and slide the unlock bar from the screen. The phone will take you to the emergency call feature. Now you have to  dial 112 and call and hang up immediately without placing the call in question. Then you need to give the lock button, click on start and return to emergency calls. If you managed to follow all these steps, now you just have to click on the button to turn off the terminal and give to cancel the call menu. If all went well, you’ve managed to unlock the terminal and prove to yourself that the new iOS version 6.1.1 contains a glaring security flaw.

But that’s not all. iOS 6.1 contains another major error that has been corrected with this latest update. This is a timing issue in Microsoft Exchange that would simultaneously triggering a series of failures in theiPhone . The fatality is triggered when a user accepts an invitation and try synchronized event on the calendar.  The device connects to servers continuously, so users notice that your iPhone uses more data than would be usual and autonomy is drastically reduced. This causes the servers are saturated and that the ruling will finally hang the system . This is a problem inherited from the previous version, but the fact is that once Apple promised to correct it .

To all this, the Cupertino firm has issued a statement explaining that the solution to these incidents is underway, but the fact is that at this time has not yet set a date for the launch of the new version of iOSUntil that time comes, your best option is not to accept invitations. If you can not stop using Exchange, try this workaround recommended by Microsoft : off the calendar, wait 10 seconds and turn it on again.

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