iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S available, major developments

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Users of the iPhone 4S are in luck. And the company Apple has just made ​​available to its customers the 6.1.1 version of iOS , the operating system that is present in all of the company’s devices, whether smartphones or tablets . 


This time, the arrival of iOS 6.1.1 has been more than ever expected. And is that the update brings the solution to many problems of the previous version (iOS 6.1) which detracted from performance considerably iPhone 4S . So much so that many European operators were recommended to their clients that do not perform the upgrade to the new version of iOS . However, the solution has arrived after a few weeks of iOS 6.1 have been released . But how you can update your iPhone 4S ? What new features and improvements coming with this new data package?

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If you have an iPhone 4 and at the time you upgraded to iOS 6.1 you may have noticed some of these failures. In this case, your best option is to upgrade as soon as possible to the new edition of iOS 6.1.1which has just launched the firm. It is, as you see, of a data packet with serial number 10B145 that weighs just 23 MB and offering a final solution (at least in theory) for failures affecting directly to this model of iPhone . If all goes well, users should note that the problems in the battery are finalized items and the3G connection is working properly , without interference when Internet access to your network operator. But these are not the only problems (waste of this controversial version) that should be solved.

Some users have experienced failures when synchronize calendar appointments and even. In fact, users ofAOL patently suffered failures in this release. And is that your email provider decided to disable meeting management through the schedule due to problems found in iOS 6.1 . But there is more. Some iPhone 4S owners who had wanted to be the first to update also noticed how gradually the phone overheated and the battery performance waned considerably outside the cruising range announced by the manufacturer’s data sheet. The update fixes all these faults , so that the owners of this expensive phone stops cause problems for users who have relied on technology from Apple .

To date, Apple had put this update to iOS 6.1.1 available to its developers in early beta. After receiving the appropriate feedback , the company has announced the official release of this update for all users to install it immediately. If you have an iPhone 4S you’re taking. For iOS 6.1.1 you will have to connect your phone to your computer and open iTunes , although you can also opt for an update OTA (Over The Air)without using cables. 

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