iOS 6.0.2 for iPhone and iPad Mini solves problems with Wifi

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Updates are pending at home Apple . The company of California has released an update to iOS 6.0.2 for all users who still have an iPhone or iPad running in iOS 6.0.1 . 

The latest update released by apple giant intends to allow some important problems found in devices as new as the iPhone 5 . In fact, thanks to this update may start enjoying all its benefits widely, through unhindered. Note that this version will end up with a problem that users of iPhone 5 and iPad mini have dragged for some time. This is a bug that was affecting the connectivity Wifi , preventing in many cases the user could access this function normally so common. But this is not the only improvement that Apple promises to solve with this update. How could it be otherwise, the data packet also includes patches that solve residual problems or bugs .

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The update is not just a prelude to iOS 1.6 , an edition that appeared yesterday in beta for developers and could be available to ordinary users from next January 2013 . Meanwhile, Apple has decided to solve a problem of cracking for some devices as advanced as expensive. The problem that the data packet has not arrived as expected many users. According to the media reports, some owners of the iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPad and iPad Mini have had problems with the arrival of the data packet via OTA (Over The Air) , or what is the same, through the air and  without using cables . To be honest, not all users have experienced the same effect, but the fact is that the number of problems has been so important that has come to appear in the media. In fact, Twitter has quickly filled with complaints and reviews from users who could not solve a seemingly simple upgrade through this mode of reception.

In principle, the update should arrive via OTA without any problems . The user receives a warning, accept the download and proceed with the upgrade. Well, it seems that not everyone has been lucky enough to be able to do so. The update has been hooked on Apple servers – point where the incidence appears to be located – and has not come to some devices. The solution is quick and easy, although a bit less agile. You have to remove the cable and connect the device to iTunes to start the update, also available through this pathway. In any case, the small size of this correction should not be an impediment, but on the contrary, that Apple solve any problems as soon as existing on their servers.

 And you’ve already updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 6.0.2 ? Have you had any problems when carrying out OTACan you tell us your experience in the comments section .

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