iOS 6.0.1 update to optimize iPhone 5

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The latest information indicates that the company could also to unveil a new version of iOS 6.0.1 , developed specifically to address the many problems experienced by the iPhone 5 .

After presenting an update with major changes always precede a patch that optimizes and fixes errors encountered by users.Such is the case of iOS in June, Apple’s mobile platform, following its debut on the iPhone 5 and the relevant update of all compatible iDispositivos, and numerous problems have been detected after a month at the hands of the users.

Minor update

If the portal sources BRG are right, Apple show at the press conference tomorrow, which will be released expected the iPad Mini, a new version of its operating system. Thus, iOS 6.0.1 , as leaked, would be another novelty of the Californian firm. Although it would be a minor update, it would have an important role since it would be designed to correct many of the errors discovered in the platform and especially those experienced in the iPhone 5.


According to the source, iOS 6.0.1 is already being tested by major U.S. operators. Among the improvements included upgrading found removing the distorted image of the virtual keyboard, randomly produced. Also, the flash of the camera seems to now respond smoothly when the user catches in dark conditions, conditions that seem to be failing. Another area where iOS 6.0.1 improves from the first final version is the WiFi signal reception. And is that the iPhone 5 seems that sometimes does not detect networks despite being active. Connection broadband data has also experienced significant improvements since the update addresses the issues by which iDispositivos remained “frozen” offline. Also related to 3G and 4G is the addition of broadband support with iTunes Match. Finally, at least according to the data that have transpired, Apple would have gotten away with issues Passbook allowing access from the lock screen of the terminal and the cancellation of meetings in Exchange. Although the list of changes is bulging, there is no reference to the Apple Maps improve their performance with iOS 6.0.1.

The presentation of the iPad Mini is the ideal setting to launch the update would come to other compatible handsets within weeks. Similarly, there is speculation that the multinational could give details of the next major evolution of software, iOS 6.1, which is said to appear as an upgrade this Christmas.

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