IOS: 5 apps for editing photos as a master

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Who wants to edit images on mobile devices have to give up many tools and features that are only found in applications for desktops and notebooks. However, you can still apply effects, touch up some points and let the pictures taken on your iOS device as if they had been treated by a true professional.

Try to choose the best applications for this task would probably be unfair due to the plethora of options available. Still, we’ll show you what we classify as “good choices”. Thus, we will only free apps to list that are completely directed to the basic treatment of images and they do a good job.

So if you do not know some of the best apps for editing images available on the App Store, stay tuned and check out all that is possible with a portable device

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe took, but it came with everything in the world of laptops. The company offers free one of the best tools of its kind in the Apple store. The PS Express enters our list by the amount of features it brings, not to mention that almost all of them have an above average quality.

The application Adobe has four large groups of options. Those related to crop and resize, and fix those that alter the exposure of images, which make up the color scheme and adjust some points, and a menu with a multitude of effects and frames to choose from.

2. Magic Picture Effect

The Magic Picture Effect , despite running only in test mode, is also a good option for those who want to attack the editor “professional” image. The tool is in our squad for its intuitive interface, which has several functions already in the main editing screen. Thus, you need not navigate through menus to do a simple cut or enforce a legal framework.

Otherwise, the app has an incredible amount of effects to give a different air to your images. However, most of them designed to work only on images of human faces.

3. PhotoEditor

This is one of the best free options for treatment of simple images on the App StoreThe PhotoEditor is the right choice for those who want to apply the coolest effects and realistic in your images. There are more than ten options to make your photo look old, exposed to so much light. With this tool, you can make an image look extremely old or have the “photographer” filled with the ball.

Besides the effects, you can also install an add-on that allows you to insert any photo decorative items. Otherwise, the editing interface of the tool is easy to handle and it’s all in Portuguese.

4. PhotoPad

PhotoPad is one of the few tools that allow you to change the structure of images being edited. With it, you can make endless combinations of orientation and scaling. For this you only need to slide your fingers in the desired direction and leave the picture in the most pleasant.

Moreover, the accuracy to resize the files is commendable. You can change the height and width of the pixel image pixel.

Though it lacks many effects and filters this list as competitors, Photo Pad winning his place by the precision of the tools and to be quite mild.

5. Pic Collage

How could not miss a tool to create collages and mosaics, the Pic Collage seems to be the most natural choice to represent the genre of apps. With it, you can use the device camera, take pictures of the ready-made social networks or items from your local library.

Done that and having the images chosen, you will simply do what you want with the array of figures. If you prefer to create something more sober, the app lets you change the background and let your assembly with a lighter air. Moreover, if lacking inspiration to create mosaics, take a look at what their friends have created through integration with Facebook.

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