IonMonkey: the new JavaScript engine in Firefox

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The Mozilla Foundation announces the introduction of its new JavaScript runtime which will be available in version 18 of Firefox.

The browser market evolves very fast and in turn, Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, Google or Apple announces new features and optimizations. Compatibility with increasingly stronger elements of HTML5 or CSS3, these browsers also optimize support for hardware acceleration. A key component is refreshed on a regular basis: the runtime JavaScript. it is indeed he who will determine the speed of loading a complex web application in interpreting the JavaScript code it contains. embeds a Firefox engine JIT (JIT) which allows you to run code not within the browser, but directly on the processor of the machine. Unveiling Firefox 4, Mozilla TraceMonkey introduced JägerMonkey replacing. This time IonMonkey adds an element considered very important for optimizing the performance of the browser. Indeed, IonMonkey through an interpretation of the temporary code, which is optimized by a series of algorithms before being re-interpreted in so final. Through tests conducted on Kraken and V8 version nighly Firefox 18 would be more efficient than Firefox Firefox 15 and 17. Firefox 18 will be available on the distribution cananl Aurora (alpha) October 8 and beta from November 20th.

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