Internet, in the thick of Sandy

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With interactive technology, mobile, and real-time reporting, the world continues to Hurricane in the network.

Applications and social networks seem increasingly become part of the ‘kit’ emergency when Americans prepare for natural disasters. In the last few hours, thousands of people on the East Coast and around the world have followed in real time the progress of Hurricane Sandy, which is predicted to be one of the most disaster is most challenging for EE. States in recent times.

Besides interactive maps and digital services, media reports and specialized accounts in social networks have given timely and immediate, which is crucial when making decisions. Then the technological tools to protect and track efficiently Sandy, that will touch ground at about 8 pm, Colombian time. Follow it meter by meter

To trace the path of the storm, Google created an interactive crisis map [] that provides real-time rainfall figures in specific areas already affected. This edition of Google Maps also helps users locate the nearest shelter, check traffic conditions and access to webcams in the area concerned. Other videos on how to develop the natural phenomenon, are available on the dedicated channel of Youtube, ‘CitizenTube’ . It is also possible to monitor the passage of Sandy from the National Hurricane Center. Watch in live video and live through video in ‘streaming’, you can see satellite images of Sandy progress toward the coast of New Jersey. The most popular so far is the ‘SandyCam’ , a still camera that watches 24 hours, live, the city of New York. Provides panoramic views and traffic, massive audio alerts and allows chat between the seers. Other live video services to more cities are WPVI, to Philadelphia and WMAR, toBaltimore and Atlantic City . Stay aware from your cell phone

For smartphone users are numerous applications. The American Red Cross, for example, emits ‘check-list’, or checklists to ensure proper aguardarse Sandy. For iPhone and Android, Hurricane Track, iHurricane HD, The Weather Channel, NOAA Radar Now and Disarter are some that can be downloaded for free.  channel of The Weather Channel also reports from the ground, how they look the hardest hit cities by Hurricane.The Washington Post published a simple tutorial to make use of Twitter, via cell phones of any type, if you do not have internet access, as usually happens in such emergencies. Reporting and receives reports on Sandy AccuWeather , website of weather, created an extension in which meteorologists Google+ by groups videochat, Live resolve the doubts of internet on Hurricane Sandy.

The most important means of the U.S. East Coast, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, fitted out their blogs and channels of information for readers to report the situation from their cities. Others, like ABCNews , alerts and updates delivered storm every 15 minutes. On Facebook, Hurricane Sandy is the ‘fan page’ official phenomenon, especially photographs are shared. Also NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center provides detailed information officer. Sandy ‘sweeps’ in Twitter Trend for more than three days, Hurricane Sandy has been perhaps the most often from social network there every minute and receives thousands of entries. In addition to reporting to the tag # Sandy,adding the city you want to get or give reports, the tweeters can find official information and firsthand immediate offices of major U.S. weather.UU .. They not only hurricane warning, also delivered shelter maps, recommendations, regional hotlines. etc.. Though the pictures and videos are the most interaction generate, and new media specialists insist that only make videos and pictures from safe places. @ NHC_Atlantic: National Weather Service East Coast @ TWC_Hurricane: Latest news storms, ‘The Weather Channel’ @ FEMAEspanol: The channel that provides emergency information in Spanish in the U.S. @ BreakingStorm:  instant updates from meteorological data in the affected areas @ WSJweather: The weather has specialized for the Wall Street Journal ‘ capitalweather : The weather has specialized for the Washington Post @ RedCross: Red Cross focused on disaster preparedness @ ASPCA: It offers tips to prepare animals and pets @ NASA : Displays satellite images of the torment @ eltiempo: All news and constant monitoring of the progress of Sandy.Photos and videos. @ HuffPostGreen: For the latest local climate @ alroker: Account of Al Roker, weatherman for NBC @ cnnbrk: Only latest news, including updates storms.

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