“Intel Ultra Books with wireless charging in 2013

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Intel would now see the option for wireless charging available to book in some ultra models who appear on the market in 2013. This would be possible to wirelessly charge your smartphone as those around you is Ultra Book.

Wireless charging is the next high-tech functionality we are going to embrace the coming years. However, at this moment do about it and there are no smartphone that already actually use them. Only the Samsung Galaxy S III has the ability to wirelessly charge. The only problem is you having to buy an accessory that supplies power to the appliance and accessory is not yet available. At the time of the launch Samsung could tell us that this accessory was not ready and that she hoped that after the summer on the market can bring. Intel now also investigating whether the wireless charging on the market can bring. It would plan to have its own wireless charging technology in some Ultra Books to stop during the second half of 2013.Intel’s technology is called Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL)The hardware required is a ultra book will be built and come with associated software. Smartphones with a special housing that is suitable for WREL can then be charged when it closed in the near ultra book is. Ultra smarthpone book software would automatically recognize and charging. Probably, the software provides the ability to determine what smartphones should or should not be charged. Or if the battery of the book also ultra low smartphone for no more charging. At this point, Intel plans to use this technique only a few books state to apply in the second half of 2013. So we do not yet count on a very wide availability. Also, there still appear smartphone suitable for Intel’s WREL. 

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