Intel suggests software developers to adopt the transparent computer age

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Intel strengthens its commitment to ensure the accelerated adoption of HTML5 to remain an open standard, offering developers a robust environment for applications that work best with the architecture of Intel ® .

· The new McAfee Anti-Theft is designed to protect property and personnel information systems consumers UltrabookTM .

· The Intel ® Developer Zone is a new program designed to provide software developers and businesses a single point of access to tools, resources and communities, helping them to engage with their counterparts.

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, September 11, 2012 – Today at the  Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Renée James , senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation, said his goals for transparent computing. This concept has only been made possible by a development ecosystem “open” where software developers write code for use in multiple environments and devices. This approach will reduce the financial and technical commitments that affect developers today.

“With transparent computing, software developers no longer have to choose one or another environment to maintain profitability and to continue to innovate,” said James.“Consumers and businesses are currently facing a lot of amazing devices and environments that are incompatible but unavailable.’re Not just talking about the mobility, the cloud and the PC. What really matters is when all these elements combine to provide an attractive user experience, transparent, spanning multiple platforms and diverse environments and hardware architectures. Developers who adopt this reality are those who will continue to have relevance. “

Software developers are now forced to choose between market reach, providing information or maintaining profitability. Through the provision of better employment performance with Intel solutions for various platforms, security solutions and economically favorable distribution channels, the company continues to occupy a leadership position in defining and promoting open source software ecosystem.

Development for use in many places

Although developers usually expressed his desire to write the code once for use in multiple platforms, right now there is little incentive for any of the managers of these environments offer support for various platforms. As a centerpiece of the strategy for the preferred operating system for Intel, the company believes that a solution to the problem posed by the use of programs on various platforms may be the use of HTML5.With this standard, developers no longer have to decide between profitability, market share or supply of product innovation. Meanwhile, consumers also benefit because their data, applications and identities can seamlessly move from one operating system or device to another environment.

During his presentation, James emphasized the importance of HTML5 and related standards and that the implementation of this technology by developers should remain open to provide a robust environment for developing applications. James reaffirmed Intel’s commitment to HTML5 and JavaScript, Mozilla announced that, in collaboration with Intel, working in the native implementation of technology River Trail . It is available as a plug-in and will be natively in Firefox browsers to offer the power of parallel computing to Web applications in 2013.

Security at Intel offers an inherent advantage

Security at Intel provides an inherent advantage in regard to its point of view. For over a decade, Intel has applied its technological lead to benefits for platform security focused on maintaining safe computing, from devices to networks and data centers. Currently, the company extends the effectiveness of security by combining security solutions for hardware and software design and assembly of products with McAfee. James invited the co-president of McAfee, Michael DeCesare to join her on stage to highlight the important role that security as the threat environment becomes more complex, both in terms of volume and sophistication. DeCesare also highlighted the opportunity that is offered to developers to participate in the security sector.

Speaking of the direction you are taking with Intel McAfee, DeCesare addressed the importance of understanding where you are headed general computing. He cited examples, including applications include switching to the cloud, in addition to seeking ways IT departments to reduce energy consumption and efforts associated with problems related to big data and consumerization IT. DeCesare also highlighted the value of keeping the user experience and introduced security software McAfee Anti-Theft.Designed to protect property and personnel information systems consumers UltrabookTM latter product improvement is a collaborative effort with Intel to develop anti-theft software that uses Intel technology and offers both data protection device.

DeCesare reiterated the opportunity offered to developers through the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) . This technology partnership program helps accelerate the development of interoperable security products and simplify the integration of these products and solutions to maximize the value of existing customer investments. The program also aims to reduce troubleshooting time and operating costs.


It facilitates access to resources developers

James also announced the Intel ® Developer Zone , a program designed to provide software developers and businesses a single point of access to tools and resources to help communities to engage with their counterparts. The current software ecosystem is full of challenges and opportunities in areas such as new technology to enhance user experiences, expectations for touch screens, the requirements on battery life, security of data accessibility of the cloud. The program focuses on providing resources to help developers learn and adopt these changes in market trends and maximize development efforts in many formats, platforms and operating systems.


·         Development Resources: software tools, training, developer guides, sample code, and support to help developers create new user experiences across many platforms. In the fourth quarter of this year, Intel will present a HTML5 Developer Zone Developer Zone focusing on applications for different platforms, guiding development through actual installations in environments HTML5 apps Apple * iOS *, Google * Android *, Microsoft * Windows * and Tizen *.

·         business Resources: global software distribution and sales opportunities will be available through the Intel AppUp Center ® and co-marketing resources. Developers can distribute and publish applications to multiple centers affiliated stores Intel AppUp Ultrabook systems, tablets and desktops. The Intel Developer Zone also offers opportunities to increase awareness and location capability through the Software Business Network, product demonstrations and marketing programs.

·         Active communities: the Intel Developer Zone, developers can engage with experts in their fields – both Intel and industry – to share knowledge, get support and build relationships. In the community of Ultrabook systems, users will find the key developers sharing ideas and tips on how to create compelling applications based on Microsoft * Windows * 8 for the past Ultrabook systems with sensors and touch screens. 


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