Intel plans to Ivy Bridge processors with lower power consumption

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Intel wants to reduce the power consumption of its processors. This applies not only for future CPU generations, but also for the currently available Ivy Bridge chips.  According to a source of future versions of Ivy Bridge require far less power than the current models.

The most energy efficient Ivy Bridge processor has a power consumption of 17 watts TDPHe comes in, among other ultrabooks and Apple’s MacBook Air is used. According to the source to an upcoming version of Ivy Bridge remain well below this value.

This would theoretically allow PC makers in a position to install the chip in tablets. A first device that is powered by a Core i5 processor from Intel, Microsoft Surface Pro. In a processor, it should be around the Ivy Bridge model with a power consumption of 17 watts act.

Most of the other 10 – and 11-inch tablets use Intel’s system-on-a-chip Z2760The highly energy-efficient Intel processor reaches but can not match the performance of Ivy Bridge CPUs. Therefore, some manufacturers are reluctant to build in him.

Basically, the lower the power loss of a CPU is, the higher the battery life and the thinner the product will be. Tablets with ARM processors are sometimes less than 0.9 inches thick and weigh less than 500 grams, the power consumption of ARM CPUs is usually less than 2 watts. The battery maintains appropriate equipment during normal use often through a working day or longer.

Intel’s mainstream x86 processors can not reach these low consumption values. But they offer significantly more processing power than chips based on the ARM architectureThat is one reason that Microsoft offers two versions of its tablet. The Surface RT has an ARM processor and Windows RT leads with a customized version of the desktop operating system, Windows 8 , while the Surface Pro thanks to Ivy Bridge CPU and provides better performance with Windows 8 Pro.

In September, Intel announced that will be the next generation of chips “Haswell”, the power consumption in focus. The proposed low-power models are in operation is only 10 watts . The successor of Haswell expect to work even more energy efficient.

When will the new fuel-efficient Ivy Bridge CPUs coming onto the market is not yet known. 

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